Vomited during last colposcopy - HELP!

This probably makes me sound like a wuss but at my last colposcopy, they took punch biopsies and cauterised my cervix. I threw up my breakfast and couldn’t feel my legs. The nurse said she had never know this to happen… Thanks for that!

Anyway the biopsies were inconclusive and I have to go again tomorrow.

Im absolutely terrified. Can they not numb the area? Or put me to sleep?

I seriously am not a wuss. I’m always in hospital for treatment of my ulcerative colitis and I have had my fair share of pain. But this is really affecting me for some reason. I feel sick just thinking about it. Anyone else had a similar experience? Or does anyone know if you can be put to sleep or numbed?

Thanks in advance x

Oh no. Sorry this happened to you :(

I had my LLETZ under general anesthetic, so wasn't awake to experence it. They normally inject you with local anaesthetic to numb you for biopsies? Did they not do that to you?


Surely they have to numb you if they are cauterising? That sounds horrible. I have just had a LLETZ and I had four local anaesthetic injections into my cervix to numb it!! Sealed x 

I had Lletz under local anaesthetic. I couldn't feel my legs afterwards. Throughout the procedure my legs kept shaking. 

They should've gave you an injection though especially if they were taking biopsies and cauterising your cervix 

I wasn't offered local anaesthetic for my punch biopsies and cauterisation, they just did it, so I think it's probably quite common unfotunately.  A friend told me that she was having treatment for CIN1 (mild abnormalities) and because she was so anxious they said they'd be better doing it under a general.  I think it's definitely worth requesting that, given you've had such a bad reaction (completely understandable - I felt sick the whole time).  Sending lots of love and best wishes for the outcome you want and a swift recovery. xxxxxx