Voicemail from professor! :/ help!

Hi everyone :). 

So.... I start my chemotherapy on Monday, 6 of them, 25 radio and 4 brachytherapy for stage 1b2 adenocarcinoma or that was the plan anyway! Today received a voicemail from the professor I see at the [hospital name removed] and he said roughly that because of my low bmi he is having trouble planning my radiotherapy and wants me to go in on Monday to discuss alternatives :// ok then! Anyone have any experience and know what the alternatives might be? My chemo has to start as normal 

Hi Charlene

ive not been through what you've been through but saw that you'd had no replies so just wanted to drop you a line. 

How did things go with your treatment in the end? have you been having radiotherapy or did you go on something different? How are you coping with the chemo? Do let us know how you're getting on

sending big hugs xxx