Hi Everyone

I was in the chemist today looking to get some vitamins, does anyone have any recommendations I didnt know which ones to get just a general multi vitamin and im also looking for something for my bones quite stiff around my hips at times…any help would be great thank you

I take the well woman plus ones. There's 2 tablets to take a day, ones got the vitamins and the other has all the omega oils. They're quite expensive but I think they're worth it x


vitamin D, calcium, magnesium and a general multi vitamin. 

The magnesium really helps me with the stiffness. Calcium for my bones. vitamin d because I lack in it and most people generally do. More in the off summer time when there is not much sunlight. 

Hi Siom

All the ones Lolli suggested. I take all of them. They will defs help, I find the magnesium particularly good for muscle aches. 

Also I take olive leaf extract (liquid form) for my immune system and a probiotic for good bacteria. 

Happy vitamining. 


Rosie xx

I've just requested a blood test for my vitamin b12 level. I'll let you know if I need jabs x