Vitamins/Supplements before colposcopy

I've been taking supplements trying to build up my immune system as I haven't received my colposcopy appointment yet. 

vit c 2000mg


Vit b12

Vit D

Ahcc 3000mg

Vit E

Folic acid 5mg

Green tea extract 750mg

Calcium with vit d



I'm possible taking more.I have been sick on and off for 6 weeks with a sore throat and flu like symptoms. Just wondering has anyone tried this approach? Just started taking ahcc today, so hoping it works. I'm taking so many pills and I'm wondering why this isn't working at all. Some of these aren't for my immune system but if I take them all together will it prevent them from working?also my stress level is through the roof/ lack of sleep. Any advice is greatly appreciated 









Hi! Do you get a pretty balanced diet? If so, you might just be benefiting from the AHCC (possibly) and vitamin D in the winter (sun doesn't give us vitamin d in the winter). I've heard AHCC should be taking in the morning on an empty stomach 30-60 mins before breakfast. If you do keep taking the other supplements, it might be smart to separate them into lunch/dinner with food. Vitamin C is present in many fresh fruits and veggies, so you probably get plenty of that from food, same with B vitamins. But if you're of child bearing age, it can't hurt to keep taking the folic acid. If you don't get much dairy or leafy greens, it can't hurt to keep taking calcium (up to 1,200 mg per day).

I don't know much about the Green tea extract...could you just have a couple cups of green tea per day? 

The problem with supplements is that they're not regulated like drugs (at least not in the US). They're regulated like food, so they just need to be safe to eat. It's hard to say if your 5,000 mg "super potent" vitamin B6 actually has 5,000 mg of the active ingredient, for example. But if supplements have worked for you in the past, by all means keep taking them. 

Maybe they aren't working because of your stress levels and also your lack of sleep. The body healts itself and the immune system, no matter how many supplements you take or how you change your nutrition, it might not work since you're constantly stressed and not sleeping properly. I am in the same boat and I stressed for 3 months after having my colposcopy results, and I did pretty bad. Lack of sleep, stressed, crying, smoking weed, taking pills, antibiotics for my flu like symptoms on and off, it destroyed my immune system and even tho I started taking all these supplements I wasn't seeing an improvement until last month where I stopped getting sick. I started getting into meditation and the power of the mind in the body. I suggest you go on YouTube and watch motivational speakers and people who are living proof that your mind has a HUGE impact on your body and how it heals. Keep taking your supplements and change your diet cutting out sugar/wheat/alcohol or any other drug, look into probiotics, fermented foods, lots of greens and small percentage of fruit (I suggest berries), meditate, live in the present! Learn to control your thoughts and believe you qill get rid of anything bad in your body. Have faith, even if you don't believe in God, there is more than meets the eye, whatever you find comfort in. I have been listening to Wim Hof and Joey Dispenza and it has been great help. Also meditation, whichever you prefer. I am due for my next colposcopy in March, I know I will get good results. I have faith. Have faith as well.