vitamin D & indol-3-carbinol?

Hi all,


I often ask myself why my immune system didn't kill CIN1-3 as it's mostly often happen - and it turned to cancer. 

I'm pretty young (34), I don't smoke (never smoked), I didn't drink alcohol at all from 23 till 30, pretty healthy lifestyle, a bit nervous, but usually doing moderate sport and have normal weight etc.


I was doing some researches, and I managed to find only two things: it might be that vitamin D impacts cervical cancer (at least there were some trials, but not enough evidence)

My vitamin D level was very low 3 years ago (at the deficiency level) and still below normal low zone (measured in June)


I headed up to my GP to prescribe me vitamin D, and now going through increased doses - and will check in winter if the level became normal.



Another thing I found is that indol-3-carbinol, which is found in broccolli, if taken at 200 mg per day, clears off dysplasia. It's not actually possible to get all that from brocolli (or similar) as it's an equivalent of 18 kg per week, but supplements have issues with stability or something like this.


So the question is:


- have you heard anything about vitamin D level impact? Or maybe you know that yours is low and were doing something about it?

- is there anyone taking indol-3-carbinol or DIM2 as supplements? Was it recommended by doctors to anyone?


Thank you!


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