VIN3 diagnosis and surgery

Hello all, I’m new to this site and I’m hoping I’m in the right place. I’ll try and make my post as short as possible! I was referred to hospital by my GP in March for post menopausal bleeding, and during the tests etc they found some ‘white bumpy skin’ and I was then sent for further tests and biopsies. I was told I had VIN3 which is basically pre-cancerous skin condition of the vulva area. Three weeks later I had surgery to remove two patches of the affected skin, so one of my labia minora has been removed along with a smaller patch further up near the clitoris. I’m still coming to terms with all this, it’s been a whirlwind few weeks. The consultant said it will have been caused by HPV, which I’ve had for around 3-4 years. As long as it stays in my system I’ll still have VIN3, and will probably have to have further surgery. Has anyone been successful in finding treatment for HPV? I’ve read that AHCC can work but I’d like to know a bit more before I shell out for it as it’s not cheap!