Videos for Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust

[i]We’re producing 2 short videos to be used on our website that raise awareness of cervical cancer symptoms and cervical screenings.[/i]

[i]For the cervical screening video, we would like to include sound bites from women who have gone through treatment for a cervical abnormality to give their opinion on cervical screening, what’s involved, and why it was so important to them.[/i]

[i]For the symptoms awareness video we would like case studies of women who suffered symptoms prior to a cervical cancer diagnosis. We’re particularly looking for older women (40+).[/i]

[i]You will need to be available for a couple of hours for filming in London [color=#000000]on either Friday 23[size= small]rd November or Friday 30th November[/color][/size] ([color=#000080]date to be decided dependent on availability)[/color]. The videos will be simple pieces to camera so no previous broadcast experience is required![/i]

[i]If you’re interested please email [][u][color=#0000ff][/color][/u][/url][/i]