Very worried

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I’ve been up all night worrying so thought I’d put my thoughts to paper. 9 years ago I received results from my first smear, turned out I had CIN3 and was successfully treated with LEETZ. I had 6 years of normal smears thereafter and 2 years ago was put back onto smears every 3 years, so I am due one later this year.

Up until now I have had no problems. However back in December I had a week of bleeding (more like a brown discharge) between my period, I am on the pill and have been for years, I was quite stressed at the time and put it down to that. Then in January I experienced some on and off pelvic pain, especially in my right side low down, I put it down to IBS as I had no bleeding or discharge. Now in the last 2 weeks I have experienced a very small amount of blood after sex, literally just a pink smear when I wipe myself but it’s definitely there. There is no pain when I have sex or after and I’ve not had bleeding in between periods since the time in December. I spoke to my GP who advised to monitor it but given my history I have booked myself in for a private smear next week. I’m very anxious as this is the first time I’ve had problems since my abnormal smear 9 years ago, although at the time I didn’t actually have any symptoms and the result was a shock. I’m 36, has anyone had similar experiences?

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I dont have experience with the CIN3, but i was on the pill a couple of years ago and i had similar problems, i felt like they came out of nowhere and would hang about for a bit and leave. Actually the reason I tried the implant instead - which has been 100x worse!

I know its easier said that done but try not panic as i find that makes me feel alot worse. Im sure it will all just be down to the pill. :)


Holly xx

Hi Silver, I feel the same as you - I'm in a right state. My first smear in 1998 came back unclear + I had CIN2/3 removed. Clear ever since (but 3 pregnancies inbetween) and now here I am experiencing a massive list of symptoms which I realise have been going on for months but I'd been too busy with life and the family to notice.

I think your private smear is a great idea - this will give you a clear answer.

I hope you are OK this week inbetween and not too stressed.  Good luck. X

Hi I am going through same worry I had cin 3 severe dyskaryosis 7 years ago had lletz/loop excision to remove cells was told by nurse at time I was very lucky because my cervix and the 3 layers was covered in the abnormal cells. I too had no symptoms then we'll none that I remember. I was checked more regularly at first then put to 3 year smears I am overdue by two months How I forgot I don't know but 2-3 weeks ago my period was very abnormal to anything I've experienced before I was very heavy and in a lot of pain crying and losing clots for two days and it just stopped where as usually have a normal flow for 5-6 days something didn't feel right but I thought I would see why my next one brings it was only when I was mid cycle a week ago and noticed bright red blood when I went the toilet it's happened a couple occasions last week and I have constant period pain I then started to panic. I went for emergency smear Saturday so awaiting the results the nurse wouldnt tell me anything Saturday but worried me more if I'm honest as she said whilst doing the smear she needed to continue into a pelvic exam to see a little more and a little further I asked her was everything ok she replied try not to worry love hopefully you'll get your results soon so I'm a nervous wreck right now feel like can't concentrate on anything and my life is on hold I am thinking positive hopefully it's nothing and if it is something I'll deal with it but it really is the not knowing you are doing the right thing if your ever in doubt go get checked whatever the circumstances xx

Well its been yet another sleepless night, have had constant period type pain all night, not bad but enough so I know it's there.  I was in a total panic last night and so rang the helpline, the lady I spoke to was very nice but she did worry me a bit more when she said and I quote 'my symptoms did not sound good' she recommended I go back to the Doctor and insist on a referral to the colposcopy clinic so that's what I am going to do, I'll ring this morning.

i almost feel like it's enevitable that it's not going to be good news.  CIN3 history, abdominal pain and bleeding after sex, its all the classic symptoms.