Very worried

Hi all,

Im new here and stumbled across these forums whilst looking through the internet.

Last year I had a smear that came back as CIN3, I went to the hospital for a colposcopy (on my birthday :() and during the examination they told me the abnormal cells were pre-cancerous. They removed the cells there and then with the LLETZ treatment. Afterward the doctor told me they were very happy with the removal and its all gone, but to come back in 6 months for a check. 

6 months on and I go back, he looks under the microscope, takes a swab and says I've healed nicely and everything looks fine, then said that in the cells they removed some had become cancer but said it was at the very begining of the stages and it was only affected by about 2/3mm into my cervic but it was all removed during my last visit. He told me to make an appointment on my way out for a yearly check (needs doing for the next 10 years) but a little while after I received a letter saying there has been some changes and I now have to revist the colposcopy clinic in 6 months (20th Jan 2015). 

Whats happened? He said they got it all out :(

Hi Winterborn,

you poor thing, you must be all over the place. I was quite shocked reading this, that you were left in the dark about having had cc for 6 months. Have they told you what stage? Eg carcinoma in situ, or stage 1a? 

Although I can't believe you weren't informed, clearly the cc was tiny, and your treatment is appropriate , with the lletz being used to remove the cells. Rather than being worried about the 6 month check, I think I would be glad that they're going to keep a close eye to make sure nothing develops. Then another lletz might be all you would need again, if it came to that. They can't be too worried about any changes they have seen now, or they wouldnt even be letting it go for 6 months. I think 6 monthly checks are pretty standard if cc has been detected.

take care, try not to worry. Easier said than done, I know.

Molly xxxxx

Hi, yes the cancer they found was stage 1A, but they were confident that it was all removed during the LLETZ treatment.

I just worry beause he said everything was fine to be left for a year, but then the 2nd smear results have said different, January feels so long away.

Hi what was the wording in your recent letter RE changes? I wonder if it's just the kind of changes that often return to normal on their own? 

 I am a great believer in phoning people, your own GP may be able to fill in a lot of those worrying gaps for you and you may not even need an appointment as they often do phone consultations. 

I also believe in being in proactive with your immune system, diet etc. I have those mega immune boost tablets, and am drinking a load of green tea every day. (Do what I say not what I do as actually drinking red wine now!) 

hugs, Molly xxx