Very worried!

Hello all,

I am 26 years old with two children (18 months and 4 years). About 6 months ago I started having post coital bleeding. i bleed heavy for about 4-6 days after sex. I finally went to the GYN doctor and he looked into my cervix and saw what he said ,"two vessles pumping out blood". My last smear was 3ish may 4 years ago. I never heard anything so I assumed it was normal. He used silver nitrate and said no sex for a week. The bleeding stopped that day but restarted the next morning with a different smell.  could it be the silver nitrate? He told me that if my results on the culture were negative, he would do a hysteroscopy.  Well they called me yesterday and said the cultures came back normal (negative) and now they want to do a colposcopy. I'm petrified it could be cancer. I was on birth control for maybe a year when I was 17. But that was it... I did also have a transvaganal ultrasound last week that showed a complex ovarian cyst measuring almost 4cm and a thickened endometrium 16.6cm that could be from my menstration cycle. Im trying to not freak myself out but I am.  When I asked him the odds of it being cancer at my first appointment he said slim to none. In fact he thought for sure it was cervictits. 


Sex isn't necessarily painful but it's not comfortable either. Lastly I'm still breastfeeding but have been getting my period the 28th of every month for 7/8 monthS. We nurse two a day and have been doing that for a year. Have been with only my husband for 3 years. I also had the gardisil vaccine done 7-8 years ago  


(Sorry if it is all over the place) 

thank you!

Im sorry i dont have the same story but the colposcopy itself isnt worrying they will look and do whats needed so hope it goes well x