Very worried newbie.

Hi everyone, this feels very surreal it’s currently 1:35am and I’m lying in bed just unable to settle my brain. So I’m 24 years old and was due my first ever smear in early June, I suffer with anxiety so every time I thought about booking an appointment I would freak out and just postpone. Anyway I finally got the courage to go the Monday before last, wasn’t the most pleasant but certainly not as bad as I thought. Fast forward to Monday gone and I get a the results letter saying i had high grade dyskaryosis and I have to go for a coloscopy which is Thursday next week! Well I’ve pretty much been a wreck since, I put on a brave face in front of my close family and boyfriend who knows about the results but when I’m alone I just can’t help but get upset and worry. For a couple of months I’ve been suffering with weird cramps and pains in the left side of my pelvic bone I was blaming going on to the depot contraceptive and now I’m just freaking out thinking the worst. I’m just not feeling that optimistic about the outcome of the coloscopy. I’d love some advice of some ladies or just a chat to help ease my mind. Thanks so much, becca X

OK baby, deep breaths now.  This is going to be OK.

The colposcopy will be a little uncomfortable and they may want to treat you there and then, so take someone with you to hold your hand.

Try not to worry, although I know you will, because we all do.  Tons of women have high grad dyskaryosis, are treated and off they go. Even if it is the worse case scenario - and that is a huge huge if - this stuff can be treated and cured.

Hang in there. One step at a time.

Take care

t x


Thank you for replying. My partner has said hes going to come along with me so its great i can rely on him, i just dont want to stress him out by voicing my concerns. I just cant wait to get it over and done with, the waiting has me on edge but at the same time im terrifyed to know. 
Thank you again. 

Well waiting sucks, but at least you have an appointment next week.  

Cervical changes can come and go especially in young women, so don't worry too much. Try and distract yourself. I've never had a colposcopy, but most women on here don't seem to  find them too uncomfortable. You may have to wait for the results which is no fun but can't be helped.

Good luck

t x

I appreciate this website so much! It's been so helpful to me, I googled quite a lot before I found jos trust so that really scared me but this calmed me a little. 

thanks again, Teresa. X