Very worried husband


Hi everyone J

My darling wife of 14 years had a ‘slightly abnormal’ smear in December and then heavy bleeding and cramps 3 weeks ago. On Wednesday she saw a nurse to discovered 2 cysts 1 cm in size. One we believe (after Goole and reading the report – my wife used to be a nurse) is a tumour next to or on the cervix and the other is supplying blood to it. There’s no mention in the report of anything in the uterus.

We are seeing a specialist on Monday and via Axa PPP and are expecting a colposcopy.

My wife is now letting me Google my way out of impatience as long as I don’t tell her my findings J

As far as I can see, the tumour could be IA or II depending on size and metastasis. I think the survival rates at IA are 90% but drop to 60% after that and lower.

I know this is a speculative enquiry but I am so concerned and just want to talk with others who’ve been there.

The hospital just called and they’ve moved it to Friday afternoon. Not hanging around!

If anyone has any thought or advice in any way please do write

Thank you



Hi. You can get lots of information from this site and cancer research about staging. Remember cervical cancer is very treatable and curable at any stage. If it is a tumour and it is visible at colonoscopy, then it will be more than 1a, as this is just for the microscopic malignancies. Don't worry yourselves with survival's easier said than done but try not to Google. You just have to sit it out and wait for the results of everything. The survival rates don't take into account age or health before or co-morbidities or even the different cell types. Good luck x

Hi Richard,

The waiting is the worse for all concerned,once you know what you are dealing with

and have a game plan it will get easier.

Please remember that everybody's cancer is personal to them,thats why they do so

many tests prior to telling you the treatment plan.

So although searching google is good from the point of view you find out things re;

effects of treatment, etc.There is really no point in looking until you know what you

are dealing with.That said we all do it ; )

This site will be really helpful to you both for comfort and information as you go forward.

All the best for the future and good to see men using this site.

Take care both of you



Thank you for your comments :-)


I was diagnosed with 1a1 cervical cancer last month. If you want to know anything just ask. I'm all sorted now but I am choosing to have a hysterectomy which I'm having Monday to be safe x

Hi Richard,

So sorry to hear what a scary time you are having. A lot of people seem to think it's scariest for the patient but I don't, I think it's way scarier for the partner. I was a 2b three and a half years ago, have had the full spectrum of treatment and am as fit as a fiddle. Very happy to answer any questions and I might be able to persuade my husband to add bits from his perspective. I can't promise that though as I haven't asked him.

Reading survival rates is really not helpful for loads of reasons, one of which is that they are historic and treatments are improving the whole time.

Be lucky :-)