Very worried... (children mentioned)

Hello all,

Few weeks ago I had a bleed during sexual intercourse. Knowing that unusal bleed other than period is not normal I made app with my GP couple of days later. She tried to fob me off saying  its normal if you are on contraceptive pill for some time ( 2 years in my case) but I insisted I want to be examined just to be on the safe side. She did and straight away she said there is lesion on my cervix and she reffered me to fast track colposcopy clinic. Next day I was rung and booked for colposcopy. I had my app last thursday- was very nervous and anxious. My consultant explained what he is going to do during exam. I could see everything on the screen. He said his very concered and has taken 4 biopsies. I asked if its cancer- he did not say the word but said his concerned and will send for urgent biopsies. I will have my results this Thursday. I am extremely anxious and expecting bad news. I am preparing myself but how can you? I am 35 with loving husband and two beautiful children. My last smear was in September 2014 and came back normal. I cant believe this is happening to me! I am thinking if smear has not detect it 10 months ago it must me bad and agresive. 

Hey there Lolypops!

I had a very similar colposcopy earlier this month, and exactly the same was said - the thing is, they can't say either way due to giving you the wrong idea and causing emotional trauma, however not saying anything always seems to make us fear the worst! I was told I had a lump and they were all very severe about it, you know the score... however my results came back as CIN1, CIN2 and CGIN - not great, but no cancer!

I know the waiting is awful and your mind won't stop whirring away, but do try to keep busy and distance yourself from it all if you can. Before you know it your results will be back and you'll know where you stand. Try not to worry for now - I know it's near impossible though.

Big love xoxoxo

Thank you for your kind words. I am trying not to overthink this otherwise I would loose my mind. Good job I am at work until Thursday will keep my mind occupied. The waiting time is the worst. I wish the redults came back quicker! I will post up updates on Thursday. Good luck with your Lletz tommorow. 

Take care huni xx

I have SD sin 3 and I am so scared that its cancer can u plz tell more about it plz I fell so silly x



Hey Claire, please don't feel silly! It's natural to feel anxious about these things. Have you had a colposcopy? xx

Hi all,

I had my biopsy results today. Came back as CIN 2 plus massive infection. I will be on antubiotics for 6 weeks and then will have Lletz to treat chsnges. What a relieve. 

Last week was the worst of my whole life by far. Thank you all for support and kind words.

Big hugs and kisses xxx

Hi star in jar yes I had my colpscopy, biology did Lletz yesterday did not feel a thing just got to wait for results if it was cc would they b able to tell 

Thank u x

Sorry for such a late response - I was recovering from my LLETZ which was under general anaesthetic!

From what I've heard they can usually tell if it is CC at the Colposcopy stage, though it's by no means conclusive so they don't like to speculate.