Very worried and scared

Hi everyone

Please can someone help me or advise me in any way before my mind goes completey mad :frowning: back in September I had my routine smear test where this time the results came back as HPV positive and borderline changes so i was sent for a colposcopy on the 9th of October where the doctor said that from what she can see everything look fine and healthy in my cervix but she took a biopsy to be on the safe side. On Thursday this week 5th November I have had a letter back from the hospital saying colonoscopic impression low grade but punch biopsy result serve changes and that some treatment is necessary and I’m being offered loop excision treatment in 3 weeks time I know I should be quite relieved that something has been picked up then yes it can be treated now before it may get nasty in years to come but I am having horrible thoughts in my head and questions going mad like how comes nothing was found at the colposcopy and I wasn’t offered anything then? Or what is something else is found such as the big C and it’s to late :frowning: I’m so so scared the thoughts are going mad in my head and also I am very scared on what this loop treatment involves and will I have to stay in hospital as I’m a single mum to my three year old daughter and can’t leave her over night we have never been apart and I can’t do that to her now :frowning: it’s bad enough that she keeps asking mummy what’s wrong why are you crying :frowning: i have read a lot of stories on here and there are lots of lovely ladies on here and I just want to give you all a hug. I’m so confused as the letter don’t say anything about cin or dyskaryosis so I really
am Unsure on what the cell changes are and so so scared thinking the worse and going onto google really don’t help :frowning: any help advice or reassurance would be lovely especially any of you who have had the Loop treatment as I do suffer really bad with anxiety and worry and panic about everything :frowning:

Thank you all so much

Traka 303 xxx

Hi Traka,

i don't know for sure as I'm not a doctor, but from my understanding, if you have had clear Pap smears since 2010 and first irregular Pap smear in 2015, then the chances of you having the big C would be very very slim. Just remember, the reason they do regular smears is to detect any changes early to try and prevent those high grade abnormalities turning into cancer. My doctor explained that this process usually takes 10 years or so, so having clear Pap smears within the last 5 years puts you in a very good position. 

I know it's not easy - BUT STOP checking in with Dr Google - and call, or make an appointment, with your GP to have any questions answered. 

Trust me, you're causing yourself more stress than you even need to be worried about (and I've done it myself, so I'm speaking g from experience). I got myself so worked up after reading the Internet after my CIN3 diagnosis that I had a complete breakdown. I couldn't look at my young children without crying. The best thing I did was make an appointment with my gp to talk through it all. She explained it beautifully and completely put my mind at ease. 

Try not to worry (yeah right) and give your kids a big hug. You are going to be just fine. You might have to have the odd extra test and maybe even a LLETZ but that's Nothing to worry about. take each day  (and test) at a time and don't stress yourself unnecessarily. 

Keep us posted xx

I actually just read up a bit on borderline results (as you reported) and it looks as though the only reason you are being sent for a colposcopy is that you are HPV positive. 

The website states that borderline cells are very unlikely to turn in cancer and that now that you are in the system and being monitored this is even more unlikely. 

You are going to be just fine. The colposcopy isn't much different to a Pap smear. 


Thank you very much for your kind response Miss P I really do appricate it bless you :) 

you must of been very frightend and scared when you had your results it really domy help being anxious and worrying all the time I havnt been so bad in the last week but I am having a bad day today constantly worrying about it as the date of the colopsy is coming nearer and I'm fearing so much what the results are going to be :( I will stay off of Mr Google as that really t help :( with regards to your diagnoses what is happening next for you?? i totally understand if you don't wish to answer this on here? How r you feeling in yourself r you still frightend and scared? 


I promise you I will keep you posted with what's going on with regards to my colopspy thank you so much for listening and helping me I really do appricate it I hope you are feeling better and not so scared and frightend xx 


big hugs and love to you 





I think it's natural to worry after all, we are human :)  Will be keeping you in my thoughts xx

Hi Traka

I was like you - normal smears for ages (even longer than you, as I am 44!) then boom! Borderline and HPV positive. I also freaked out and scared myself silly googling everything .....

Although there are a few very very rare cases of someone with a borderline smear finding out they have very early stage cancer, the chances of this are tiny. As MissP said, te only reason you're being called in for a colposcopy is because of the high risk HPV. This was the same for me. It's good that they do it, because the smear does only get a very small sample and sometimes there can be a higher level of cell changes. After my colposcopy, I was told I had mostly CIN1 (mild changes) and a few little areas of CIN2 (moderate changes), so they treated me and removed the cells.

Try to think positive - if you have any abnormal cells, better to get rid now and that way you won't even have to think about them developing into the big C some way down the line :-)

Don't worry about the colpo btw, it's fine, and I say that as someone with a medical phobia who is a complete baby!