Very worried. 27 years old

Hi all. So very worried, and hoping I can discuss with somebody whilst I wait for results.

I’m 27 years old and had my first smear 3 years ago, all normal. I’m on the mini pill which stopped my period however once or twice a year have random light bleeds which is normal with the mini pill. This summer after sex I started bleeding, not loads, mainly after sex or the morning after there was blood on the tissue mixed with discharge. This would be sporadic in the sense sometimes after sex there would be nothing and other times there would be blood. On the most recent occasion I was spotting for around six days after sex.

Back story, this first started in summer and I went to the GP and was refused an early smear test as I wasn’t due until this November. Pelvic examination was normal and abdomen ultrasound also normal. also had a gynaecologist appt who said the same and said to see me in 3 months time.

All bleeding stopped and then started again the beginning of this month. I went back to my GP as it was time for my smear anyway. The nurse saw an ectopy and said she’s glad I’m seeing the gynaecologist as she’s not a specialist but other than the ectopy my cervix looks normal.

I saw the gynaecologist the day after as I managed to get a cancellation and he said it sounded all hormonal and would burn the ectopy off there and then. As he went to burn it off he said “ah it’s bleeding more than I would have expected so I will biopsy” so I had the biopsy and then the ectopy burnt off. He said I was leaving not to worry and if it is cancer they will treat it… Wtf!! I’m so worried and also furious that the GP and gynaecologist in summer didn’t do further testing.

The consultant didn’t seem worried as such as he said it’s an ectopy but just wanted to be sure. Should I be so worried? I’m gutted it’s near Christmas and I have to worry. I’m worried it’s actually not an ectopy and is cervical cancer that he can see. But surely he would know the difference?

I didn’t have the ectopy back in summer when I first had the bleeding after sex.

Now to wait for smear and biopsy results.

Thank you for listening and so sorry for the huge post.


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Hi lovely

Im do sorry of your situation. I know your feeling

From your story the only thing that worries me is why the doctor mentioned about cancer. He shouldn’t say anything as is totally wrong to guess heath issues before results. I had multiple times biopsies for different issues, stomach gastritis, endometrial polyp and few times for my abnormalities in cervix. Non of then were cancer. They just looking even for a small change and that doesn’t mean cancer. It can be any pre cancerous changes. So please don’t worry about it, you had clear smear test 3 years ago so the risk for cancer is very low.

I hope everything goes well for you :pray:

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Hi @Worried27

This whole process is such a worrying time and the waiting part is definitely the worst

By ectopy I’m assuming they mean an ectropion, this isnt to scare you but an ectropion and early CC can be indistinguishable by eye (this will be the likely reason cancer was mentioned) so they cant always tell often times they can, like abnormal cells it should be confirmed by biopsy and when they say its an ectropion just by looking at it they are making an educated guess based off what they have seen before

How do you know you didnt have one back in the summer? My cervix was reported that it looked normal on a smear then i was diagnosed with an ectropion at colposcopy, i had a smear one year later it still stated my cervix looked normal but the ectropion was still there at the colposcopy… it may have been there it just needed to be maginified to be seen?

I hope you dont have too long of a wait for your results xx

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Hello, thanks so much for replying.

So he was all set to burn the ectropian off but said as it’s bleeding more than he would expect on touch that he is going to biopsy just to be extra cautious. Then when we sat down he said enjoy Christmas and expect biopsy results in around 3 weeks, don’t worry if it is cancer and early we can treat and you can still have children… I think he thought this would reassure me when in reality it sent me into a spiral. So worried and upset that it’s hanging over me over Christmas period… Not that it’s good any time of course! Xx

Hello, thank you for replying to me

So in summer when the bleeding after sex first happened the nurse examined me and said the cervix looks normal and then so did the gynaecologist when I was first referred in August, no concern at all. Then when the bleeding started again at the beginning of the month I went for my smear and another examination and the nurse said there’s a small ectopy and the gynaecologist the next day said the same. He was only slightly concerned when it started bleeding alot when he went to burn off… I’m guessing this isn’t typical of an erosion!

Things dont always behave in the typical way lol in the months after they told me i had the ectropion i had very heavy/irregular bleeding… usually they cause light bleeding, but despite it being heavy they just kept putting it down to that, i did have a LLETZ as i progressed to CIN3 but no cancer was found xx

That’s very true. I’m glad to hear yours didn’t progress to cancer and hope you’re doing well! I am glad he’s being cautious it just felt very scary when he said the word cancer to me and mentioned about having children, I think he just said it off the cuff and a worst case scenario sort of thing… Though I wish he hadn’t.

Can I ask if you had a biopsy how long your results took? I know it can vary, wishful thinking I’m hoping I get them before Christmas but that would be a week turnaround which I know is very very unlikely. Will just have to try and put it to the back of my mind over Christmas!

Oh also… I had the erosion treated with silver nitrate I think it was, this was on Thursday and I’m still bleeding light-medium. I’m hoping this is quite normal, I think it is from what I’ve quickly googled.

Some do seem to throw the C word around like its something we hear everyday lol it is the worst case scenario but it is an unlikely scenario

Not at all, ive had 2 biopsies and both times they took around 2 weeks to come through, the first one showed CIN1 and the ectropion and the second a year later returned the CIN3, even with the difference in results the CIN3 didnt come through any quicker so if it does come through quick try not to panic before youve opened it, it is alot easier said than done but try not to jump to conclusions

That is normal after having silver nitrate, the treatment side effects for an ectropion are similar to the treatment side effects for abnormalities… they can last for upto 4 weeks while the cervix heals, just keep an eye on how heavy the bleeding is if its gets to where you need to change your pad every hour you should contact the gyneacologist or your GP xx

Hi ladies, I just wanted to put an update here. I had my biopsy last Thursday and was told the results would be 3 weeks. On the off chance the results were back I phoned the secretary and was told my results were back and a consultant would check them and then she would ring me back.

The results are normal!! I was certain they would show something with all the symptoms I was having. I feel very very lucky. I just wanted to post here to say always get anything unusual checked but that it’s not always the worst case scenario. I am so so very relieved and so glad I phoned today so it’s not weighing on me and my family over Christmas.

Thanks so much for all of your advice and kind words.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas :heart: xxx


Thats fab news @Worried27! Its so easy to assume the worst when you have things going on we all do it :slight_smile: i hope you have the best time over the holidays with your loved ones :slight_smile: xx

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