Very scared

Hi everyone, I’ve been having problems for a while now, I had my last smear 11/2 yr ago and it came back abnormal but no hpv so no more tests were done… I’ve since had bleeding but was refused a smear! I decided to go private as I also have pain and when she did the smear my cervix bled! I am now waiting on the smear results but have been booked in for a colposcopy as there is clearly a issue… How long is the average wait for one? I don’t think I can take anymore waiting I am a nervous wreck so I’m considering going private… I have a feeling I have cancer but have to go through the right channels. Feeling really down and scared :frowning: I have 2 children and I’m 33

Hi Sallyt,

Please don't be scared. You've done the right thing and had a smear. If they find any abnormalities they can be easily treated.

With regards to wait time for colposcopy I guess it depends on where you live. After I received my abnormal smear result I would have had to wait 8 weeks to have my colposcopy so decided to go private and I'm glad I did. I was seen 3 days after I got my smear result so for me it was worth it.

Bleeding when having a smear taken could mean any number of things but it is highly unlikely to be anything sinister. You're in the system now and you will be well looked after. A colposcopy is nothing to be concerned about - just like a longer smear really so please don't be concerned about that.

If you are a nervous wreck then perhaps going private would be a good option as you won't have to wait too long. However, before you decide you might want to give your colposcopy clinic a call and see what the wait time is - could be sooner than you expect.

In the meantime take care and let us all know how you get on.

Peanut x

Hi peanutbuttercup,

thank you so much for your reply :) I'm still waiting for my smear results and colposcopy letter so as soon as the results are here I can move forward. My husband and I have discussed the benefits of going private for me as I am really struggling. I live in the south west. We are going to disneyland in 3 weeks and I can't see how I'm going to cope if I'm no further forward :( I have been scaring myself silly with Google but coming across this site has been such a great help.

sallyt xxxxx

Hi Sally,


im also in the south west (near bath). My smear results came back in 12 days and my colposcopy was the following week. 

Good luck with your results. X

Hi sharper,

im in Stroud. I had a private smear which prompted my dr to refer me for a colposcopy. i asked her to say it was urgent given my anxious state which she said she would, how long did it take for your letter/appointment? 

I had a letter come the day after my results with one date about six weeks later and the following day another letter saying they felt the need to bring it forward (I'm pretty sure they had a cancellation). X