Very Scared..

Hey everyone! My name is Danielle and I am 19. I have been suffering from abdominal pain since I was 14. it's been getting worse now so my mum decided to book me for a private smear test! When I got my results it came back as high moderate :(! I was in shock but it also said alot about my symptoms and pain! I then went for a colposcopy and they took a biopsy and I'm now waiting for my results! I'm literally so scared! It's been 5 days since my biopsy and I'm scared to have a bath just been showering! Has anyone's results came back as normal? Or what? what should I expect? I'm literally sooo scared :( if any of you need to talk to someone I'm here :) please get back to me x x

I hope you are ok in the same boat hun waiting results of are fine to have a bath i know its makes you feel very strange after a colposcopy but am sure you will be fine keep thinking possative age is on your side xxx try not to be to scared i know its easy for people to say but you have done the hard part xxx


I know not much help but here if you need to talk as everyone on here are really helpfull it's helped me no end xx


Best of luck hunni x

Also in the same boat waiting for results. It's definitely the worst part. I hope the news is good for you, I'm sure it will be x