Very scared!

Hi ladies

just after some advice really. I had an abnormal smear and then a colposcopy with biopsy and lletz on 5th aug.  I have not heard any official news and have had to constantly chase for even a snippet of information! I have found out that the sample was glandular and went to mdt last Tuesday which apparently is standard practice for cgin.  However I was informed that it has now been sent to a second mdt at city hospital but no idea why. They mentioned something about margins but nobody is giving me any clear information . I finally have a consultant appt next week which I'm sure will not be to give me good news but I'm annoyed that if it is cancer it has taken so long to inform me and i have not been given any scans MRI, ultrasound etc even after the last mdt 

I'm fearing the worst but obviously hoping for the best. Just wondered if anyone else had been in a similar situation. I feel like I'm going mad!

Hi Anne,

I am really sorry to hear that you are going through this terrifying waiting game. Personally, I have not been in a similar situation, but I sympathise with all of those who do. All I can suggest is that if the news were really bad, they'd get onto it like a flash, so maybe it isn't so bad as you might be thinking. I am also quite sure that they don't want to misinform you, so it's best that they make absolutely sure about all of it, including margins, before calling you in for a consultant's appointment. I think you can rest assured that once they have all the information they need they will make you an MRI scan appointment if that is what is required. 

I really didn't mean this to sound quite so businesss-like, so here's a monster hug from me :-)



If margins are not clear they will go back and do another loop to make sure. MDT meetings are lots of doctors giving each other back up basically so if they don't agree it may go to another for clarification, sometimes they do extra testing on samples which only bigger hospitals are able to do so depending in were you live this could also hold the answer. 

Hoping your feeling okay dispute the wait xx

Thanks for your replies, I don't know what to think anymore especially after the gp surgery phoned for me to make an appointment with the dr but 'it wasn't urgent'! I'm so confused!!

guses I just have to wait and see but I did email the consultant today to try and dig some info from him

I would hold on to the 'not urgent'. I have been diagnosed cc, and even though it's the very earliest stage, things have moved so quickly that I haven't come up for air. They move really quickly when they think it's ANY cancer.

best, Mollz x

Hi Mollz

Thank you for replying, Im holding onto any positive news at the moment.

I know there is nothig definite yet but just have a bad feeling which Im sure evryone can relate to.

I hope you are coping well with your news and fingers crossed for your scans net week


Anne xx

Hi again Anne,

have you spoken to your consultant's secretary? I am constantly on the phone to mine! She has been a fantastic source of both information and comfort, even telling me to go and get myself a nice dress for when it's all over! Shes just been so helpful, and has lots of knowledge herself as ell as being willing to find things out for me or chase them up.

worth a try!

Molly xxxxxxx ps have the dress!