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Hello! After an Abnormal screening test (Moderate Dyskaryosis with high risk HPV), I recently received my colposcopy results: CIN 1. I have been offered the loop treatment next Tuesday but I have noticed on the forum that many women were left untreated with CN1. I am worried about this treatment. Has anybody been in the same position? Has anybody had this treatment under local anaesthetic?

I’ve had loop/lletz twice with a local anaesthetic, didn’t feel a thing during the procedure. I found getting biopsies at colposcopy worse tbh.

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How long did you wait until you had your biopsy results?

I also had the same smear results as you, in 2017 I had HPV but no cell changes.

It’s been nearly 4 years since then now have cell changes. But haven’t had my results back yet.

Hello and thank you for replying. Both biopsy & loop procedures went well. It was not painful. Waited 2 weeks for biopsy results but still waiting for loop results (almost 3 weeks now). Fingers crossed they managed to remove the bad cells!

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