Very scared after 2nd LLETZ treatment :( - advice please? xx

Hi everyone,


I am new to this forum and I would really love to hear from someone in a similar position if possible with any reassurance, advice etc.

I had my first LLETZ treatment in 2009 and was brought back for 6 monthly colposcopies which I have had since. I was due for my last one when I was supposed to change then to yearly smears. Unfortunately, this one came back with CIN1, then CIN2 and as we were trying for a baby they said they would leave it and see if it went away on it's own. I then had my usual colposcopy appointment on July 31st where the doctor told me that yes I did have CIN2 the last time and they just don't like diong the treatment a second time on someone trying to conceive. 15 minutes later or so this same doctor was doing the treatment on me. I didn't even realise at the time what she was doing and said the usual things to me after like 'no swimming, no baths, no sex for 4 weeks'. I thought this was strange as she never said this to me after the rest of my colposcopies before - only the treatment I had in 2011. I drove home and was in tears with the pain. She said she wanted to see me in 6 weeks and I also wondered why my results weren't being posted out as usual. I had to ring the hospital to check if it was normal for me to be in so much pain and she then told me I had the treatment. I was fairly annoyed that I had been given no info of this and after her saying that they didn't like doing it and still ended up doing it it was in my head that it must have been bad for her to do it and not tell me!?

I ended up getting an infection and had to take Flagyl which I am now thankfully finished as I had a horrible reaction to them. I have to wait until the 11th of September for my appointment which is to discuss 'next steps' as they put it on the phone. What does this mean?? They really have been so impersonal about everything and really feel so worried about everything.

Thanks so much for anyone that can offer any advice or anything,


I have just updated my signature to give people a better idea of what's been happening.. Also, I am 33 and no children yet. Would really love to hear from anyone, desperately going out of my mind.

Anybody? Cry

Hi Sharon, I really feel for you! I am about to go in for my first lletz under general anaesthetic on the 3rd sept, as they said there was too much to remove under local. I'm going out of my mind with worry, they hardly explained anything to me just said it didn't look good :( Im sure I read something that they have to explain the procedure to you and you have to verbally consent to them doing anything before hand. I can understand you feeling annoyed! Maybe try and speak to the hospitals Patient relations officer  and explain that you didn't realise  you were having the lletz procedure and you're still unsure about what's happening, nothing's been explained to you etc and see if the can look into it for you. This is really annoying me too that nothing has been explained, I'm researching all the possibilities, convincing myself of the worst and going crazy. I really hope you get good news, please let me know how you get on xx


Thanks so much for your reply. So you are in this day week, I'll be thinking of you. Yes, it really is terrible how little they explain things to us. I know there are a lot of women on here that have had the LLETZ treatment under general anaesthetic so could be worth speaking to them about that. It really is generally very effective at removing everything and never returns for 90/95% of women so hopefully that will include you. Did they say anything about severe dysplasia/CIN3 or anything? That was what I had originally but they did mine there and then due to the severity of it, I also did not have a smear until 2009 either which is dreadful as I was 30!! I will keep everything crossed for you for next Tuesday and please do let me know when you know more?