Very quick consultant appointment

Good afternoon, I had a smear done in sept and received the news that I was HPV + and CIN2/3 so a colposcopy was arranged .
Nov 4th I went for the colp and was told that due to having previous LLETZ x 2 they wouldn’t be able to do a third in clinic because of the previous scarring and the length of the cervix, they did punch biopsies and said they write to me with a date for admission to do a cone biopsy.
This morning I have had two letters , one saying the punch biopsy results are CIN 2+ 3 and the other asking me to go in for a discussion with my consultant on Monday afternoon!
Should I be worried or relieved that I’m being seen so quickly ? Obviously I’m grateful that it isn’t a long wait but the speed is making me concerned, thanks for reading x

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Cancer - or any whiff of it - makes us really anxious, doesn’t it! Your consultant may have had a gap in his schedule, for all you know. I would be pleased that you’re being seen so soon - the most anxiety seems to come from ladies having to wait weeks, or longer, to find out what is going on. The important thing is for them to give you the right treatment, and I’m guessing this is to discuss your options. X

Thanks @Jacks133 i really am glad that it’s so soon , all in all the hospital have been amazing in comparison to what some ladies are going through and their waiting times from what i’v read on here x

Not meaning to worry you, but I had 2 x LLETZ over 20 years ago followed by a knife cone biopsy for CIN2/3 - so three ops in all. Although I was 40 I was not offered a hysterectomy. The surgeon said the 3rd op was successful and at my colposcopy a few months later I was clear. However, fast forward 20 odd years and I find, despite clear smears for all those years, I have Stage 3 cancer. The consultant blamed the false negative smears on my scar tissue. You may be asked to make a decision; whatever you choose I hope your outcome is better than mine was, and that modern techniques will see you good! X

@Jacks133 im a so sorry that you are going through this , my previous LLETZ were around 20 years ago too , at my appointment I asked the colp nurse whether a hysterectomy would be an option and she shut me down saying because I’m HPV positive they would be reluctant plus there can be many complications, if offered the chance I would take it , at the risk of sounding vulgar I’m sick of people mauling my bits and I feel like a ticking time bomb x