Very nervous and anxious about lletz tomorrow

Hello ladies,

I'm 27 from Australia.

So will just explain my situation a little. I have had abnormal smears for 6 years now and have been having them done yearly. In march this year I got send to the gyno and she did a colposcopy and took 3 biopsies and they came back ok but my smear said something is there so I went back for another colposcopy and then more biopsies and the same thing happened. She said come back in 3 months, I went back 6 weeks ago and had it done again and more biopsies and same thing again!! 

So she then tested me for HPV and said if it came back positive we would do lletz, I got my results and came back positive. I'm having my lletz tomorrow morning and I'm feeling very nervous and scared and to Ben quite honest probably more nervous about the results as i am booked in next Friday with her to get my results! 

Im terrified today I have felt so emotional and even testy and I have no idea, I keep getting the worst possible thoughts in my head it's awful! 

Does anyone else feel this way waiting?  I think it's the unknown.


Thanks ladies