Very frustrated/confused/feel lost

Diagnosed with ectropian end of July after spotting in Feb & April, more severely in July. This prompted me to see nurse. She referred me and so on. Colposcopy, clear punch biopsies and cautery to cervix and i allowed up to 6 weeks for all to heal etc. I did bleed for 3 weeks after procedure. My back ache carried on and recently got worse, along with cramping. Hadn’t bled for 5 weeks, but did have some discharge that turned bloody. Saw my consultant on the 27th Oct, who examined me, said cervix looked ok so no sign of erosion so must have healed from cautery. So 8 weeks on since colposcopy, i am bleeding, not heavily, noticed when i wiped after a pee and when i push, it comes away into the toilet and is watery blood. My lower left back ache is here as i type (always worse when im sat) and im in a state cause had colp, clear punch biopsies and been discharged from my consultant. I wasn’t sure the erosion was the cause of the spotting, but took the nurses say so. My recent swab was negative, 10 days ago. I had pelvic and abdominal US on 18th Oct, which looked ok. I just don’t understand why if i no longer have an erosion (which was only small i might add) as it was cauterised, why im spotting exactly like i was when the erosion was identified?! Feeling so lost and in a world of my own, its been so ongoing for me. I haven’t had a full blown menstrual period since july 4th, this isnt a period type bleed as i can tell the difference (texture and flow) x