Very dry down below

Hey does anyone else have this it gets very sore and what do Yous use for it 

Hi Leanne,have you tried Replens? I got it from the dr and its ok. It lasts 3 days as well x

Thankyou I'm back at the menopause clinic the beginning of sept so will ask about it the doc did say the last time I was there she might need to give me something for it the next time I see her Thankyou 

You are welcome. what happens at menopause clinic? Its never been mentioned to me before. Are you in Scotland?x

Yes I'm in Scotland we just talk about my symptom and whAt happens and how to cope and got hrt patches 

Hi! Im 6 months post op (radical hyst) and have just started having this problem, despite being on HRT! I've just started using replens and it seems to be working so far! I've bought it off the shelf to give it a try but going to call docs tomorrow to see if I can get it on prescription. I also use a bit of femfresh when showering/bathing to cool things down - hope that helps! ☺