Very confused

I had a colposcopy on Thursday 7th November. The doctor told me he saw high grade changes and did a couple of punch biopsies.
I called the hospital today as I’m still getting brown discharge/very light bleeding (on cerazette so no periods). I’ve only managed to speak to a clerical staff so far and she’s said the biopsies are back as CIN1 which is obviously fantastic news.
The confusion is, how can they come back as low grade changes when he’s seen high grade changes and I’ve had things like bleeding after sex?
The nurse is going to call me either today or tomorrow about the bleeding still but just so very confused.

Any help appreciated!

Because just looking isn’t enough ... that’s why they do biopsies .

it can look bad but be nothing it can look nothing but be bad !


my first gynae told me I only had a cervical eptropian !  Second appt was with a different gynae to do a cold coagulation... but biopsies showed high grade cgin