Very confused please help

Hi everyone.,


i have experinced some bleeding only during sex, after going to my gyno I had been for years and he didn't do much, I went to another gyno, who didn't seem to be worried about it Since my last pap was normal. (6/2014). In October 2014, He did a test to look at the inside of my uterus with saline solution, he was going to also do a colcospy but when he looked he didn't see anything to take.  I had amother pap 6/2015., came bk normal. I was bk to him yesterday, he checked my cervix, said it looked fin. He said he thinks bleeding is coming from uterus and that I have dysfunctional uterine bleeding. He put me on some birth control pills. He said he could do testing, but didn't think it's necessary, but if I'm going to worry he will. the last time I had abnormal paps was many years ago, which were treat. (Wasn't cancer, mild abnormal cells). So tmw he is goin fro do a colcoscpy and take sample from endometrial. I am really worried because I keep reading that if u have bleeding during sex, It can be from infection or cervical cancer. Any thoughts or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Bleeding during sex can occur for so many reasons. I really wouldn't worry until you have some answers. Have your colposcopy and they might be able to tell you what's wrong. I'm sure it's highly unlikely to be anything sinister if your smear was normal.

Thks for your reply. I hope all turns out well for u. I am not sure what dyskaryosis is? 

 im worried because my cousin had cc and always had a normal pap, but she did bleed for 4 months, not just with sex but all the time.


When do u get your results??  

Has you doc done a cutterag? Think it's called that anyway, it's where they scrap cells from up in the cervical canal (CGIN) rather than the surface of the cervix (CIN) 

when they do a normal smear and colposcopy they focus on the transformation zone and so can regularly miss CGIN cells. Worth an ask xx 

good luck tomorrow x

I meant to say cutterage ** lol x

I'm not sure if he has... last time he did colposcop, he didn't see anything which was oct 2014. He's doing colcoscpy tmw and something that starTed with a "e" endiometril canal scraping??


That's the one, it checks the canal as that is missed on smears as you can imagine. So I'd say if he is doing your colposcopy and endo canal thing today then you will know for sure. If you are all clear i suggest you tell your gynaecologist that your not happy with the fact your bleeding etc and that you want it looked into further As you are worried. Good luck xxx

He has been really good with me, he tells me that he doesn't think testing is necessary but if I'm worried he will do them for sure. He seems to think its from uterus and my hormones. That's why he put me on birth control. He said let's check bk in two months, but after I thought about it, I only bleed during sex sometimes and I went 4 months without bleeding during sex, which I forgot to tell him that. So the waiting to me wouldnt make sense. My appt is in 2 hours and I'm just a ball of nerves. 

Just left dr. He said from what he could see everything look fine. But he did a biopsy of cervix canal, uterus and endometrial. Should have results in a week. He said he did biopsy for all three beause of me being worried. Please pray for normal results. I will post them when I find out. 

Is it a good sign That my dr didn't see anything during colcoscpy??

All resulets were normal. He said I do have inflammation of cervix which he put medicine on it when he did biopsy. Good luck to all u ladies!!!