Very confused and scared.. updated



I posted about my colposcopy and ultra sound in December but now I am really confused.

Back then my GP referred me for these appointments because he thought my smear was abnormal, although to this day I have not been told to what degree as the NHS sent me a letter after my smear saying all was fine.

When i went for my colposcopy in December, the consultant performed a LLETZ treatment during the procedure without telling me before and just giving me a leaflet afterwards.

I had an external and internal ultra sound which according to my GP has come back clear. Now the consultant who did the LLETZ has asked me to come back for a biopsy of my womb, because the results don't add up.

I haven't even received the results of the colposcopy/LLETZ in December because they managed to send the letter to the wrong address! When I questioned this and said I am not having any more tests until I have been told all the relevant information the nurse I spoke to got really patronising on the phone and started spekaing to me like it was all my fault.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? What happens during the womb biopsy? Are there any risks like LLETZ?

Sorry for going on like this, I just don't have anybody to talk to and am really scared about everything, constantly breaking down in tears and feeling very low.

My fiance is being great and trying to help but I can tell it is stressing him out too as he can't do anything to really help :-(

Nina x

Hi Nina, It's awful that you haven't been given any results or clear answers yet, I know they have their procedures and might know what they are doing but they need to take into account the stress all this causes and the fact that it is your body and you are entitled to know exactly what's going on. I would say make an appointment with your gp and talk it over with them, every time you get results your gp is sent a more detailed copy so they should be able to fill you in on what's going on. There seems to be a tendancy to keep information from patients sometimes, i don't know why , buy they don't seem to realise that we need to know what's going on and when we're not told our imagination starts filling in the gaps and it's not good for us. Good luck I hope you get your answers.

Thank you sunnyday.

The whole thing has kind of been really messed up from the start, first the contradicting letters I got about the smear test results and now they have managed to send the colposcopy results to the wrong address :-(

Have just spoken to my GP on the phone and am seeing him next week to shed some light on everything.

I'm worried about the womb biopsy on Friday though, the LLETZ was very uncomfortable and made me feel so degraded and left me completely confused as I wasn't being told what was going on...will the biopsy be the same?





Sorry you have had such an awful time. I had a biopsy just last week and it was honestly not sore at all. It wad similar to a standard smear. 

Good luck with the Doctor,  hopefully they are able to settle your mind x


Thanks Cheryl. Did you take any painkillers before the appointment?

I have been reading up on the procedure and the NHS website says it can help prevent cramping pains being too bad afterwards?