Vault smears?

Hey ladies
I hope you all doing well ?
I had my hysterectomy two weeks ago , I’m feeling quite well actually.
I got a call from my gyne nurse today saying they are discharging me from them , but need to hear from colposcopy about what they think and that I will still need smear tests ? Nievely I thought one I had the hysterectomy life would be normal again? And no more smears ? Is this normal protocol? Or should I be worried something more is happening? Thankyou for your help xx

Hi, I’m glad you’re feeling well after your hysterectomy. I had a radical hysterectomy in November and I’m expecting to have vault smears every 3 months for the first year, dropping down in frequency (hopefully, if all ok) after that. I think it’s pretty standard and hopefully reassuring that they are keeping an eye on us. I’ve not had an appointment yet though so not sure exactly what happens, hopefully someone else who’s had one can answer!