Hi folks , had a vaginal biopsy done 2 weeks ago and results say  VAIN3. I know VAIN is the equivalent of CIN. I'm soooo worried that when I go in for diathermy under GA that it's going to show it's cancer. Has anyone had a similar experience?

Hi. I'm a vain girl. There isn't many of us about. I didn't have diathermy (that's burning it off isn't it?) I had it cut out. I'm not 100% sure about this but I think if you have it butnt out they are positive you do not have cancer as tjey cannot do further biopsieS on what they remove , because it's burnt! 

Is this the only treatment option you have been offered ? It is so rare that there is no definitive treatment option, and reading the research it seems that all have their own pros and cons. A positive thing for you though is that if they had suspicion that there could be cancer lurking they would not be doing diathermy in my opinion. 

Hi there thank u so much for taking the time to reply :) I think she said diathermy... I just don't know how they can say this as a treatment option when there may be other areas that have progressed into cancer? I'm petrified of being knocked out. What is the recovery like?

My recovery for my wife local excision was a walk in the park compared to my Radical Hysterectomy! Pm me your email and I'll send you a link to a fb group (or search fb for vin vain and you'll find it) 

if they have biopsied you thoroughly they will hopefully have taken samples of the very worst bits! But yes I can understand your worries. I sometimes feel like I'm always plugging my blog on here but it does have an account of my VAIN experience. I'm currently waiting for results to see if it's come back! 

The dr only took 1 biopsy? That's my main concern. They said they'd have me in within a few weeks but I hope I don't have to wait that long

Did they say if it was multi focal? If it was only one spot they only need to do one. Imagine a zit, you can always tell where the centre is!

she never mentioned multi focal. But how can they possibly inspect the entire vaginal wall with a speculum inside??! URGH I just want this procedure NOW