Biopsy taken at 9 month check up and got results yesterday . 2 biopsies taken one showing VAIN grade 2 one grade 3 (vain is very similar to CIN except vaginal) Surgeon strongly recommending surgery to remove and I'm provisionally booked in for 27th October for removal of lesions under general. Anyone had any experience of VAIN?

Hi 365

I haven't had any experience of VAIN but just wanted to send you hugs and wish you lots of luck in this, really hope they get rid of it for you.


Thanks Cheryle, googles telling me it pretty rare but was worth a shot.  

good luck

i did meet you briefly in London, before the last session.

just read you're blog and it made me smile again


Thanks Patlini! It was a good day wasn't it. x

Update. Going in Monday for wide excision biopsy of vagina and anal biopsy under general. Results 6th Nov.  Royally fed up!


So, so sorry you are having to go through this.  No wonder you feel so fed up.

Hope it goes as well as it can on Monday & I'll keep everything crossed for your results.



Thanks Cheryl.