VAIN / Vaginal Cancer


Vaginal intra-epithelial neoplasia, or VAIN

I was treated for CIN 3 on my cervix 3 years ago and have had normal smears since. My most recent smear in April came back normal however I tested positive for high risk HPV infection. This trigged a referal to colposcopy for closer examination. At the appoinment, the Doctor became very concerned with two areas, one being on my cervix and the other on the vaginal wall. Biopsies were taken from both areas.

The Doctor appeared shocked to learn that i hadn't had any abnormal bleeding. I have the implant so i havent even had a period or 4 years. In regards the the abnormal area on the vaginal wall, he only commented that 'treatment will be tricky' and to wait for the results of the biopsy before talking about the treatment options.

I'm not a person who worries easily but when I cant find a lot of information about this especialy anybody who has experienced this before.

Vaginal Cancer is very rare so understandable there is not a lot 'out there' on the internent.

From what I have read VAIN is the cervix equivant  of CIN, from mild to severe.

I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who has expereinced this before themself or someone they know, especially what treatment they recieved.

Thanks x

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Hi, i hope you get some great advice, and i hope you get good results, im in asimilar posistion im hpv Pos, had a normal smear awaiting my clininc app im really nervous, i have been previously treated for cin 3 too, from what ive read those who are hpv pos have a higher chance of vaginal, anul, cervical cancers so they should keep a close eye on us both from now on, im praying we both get good news! thinking of you, good luck xxx