VAIN sub forum


I’ve looked and can’t see so assuming there isn’t one… but does anyone know who to request for a VAIN sub on this forum?

I’ve resurrected an old thread as I’ve got VAIN (ungraded officially for now but suspected VAIN2)

I can see from the other threads there seems be a handful of ladies experiencing this.

Honestly, it’s feels really lonely. NOONE I know has had abnormal smears and VAIN would be the same.

Also, maybe it’s just me, but I actually feel quite embarrassed that it’s VAIN. I can openly talk about cervix changes all day but vaginal just seems so much more personal.

I’m going to reach out the an admin to see what can be done for us VAIN ladies. Might even push the boat out and attempt to set up a FB group


I’ve requested one from admin before and they said no…so it’s definitely worth asking again :smiley:

Ah what a shame. I’ve sent a request this afternoon so fingers crossed