VAIN pain in my low abdomen

Please can someone advise
After my smear test the results are hpv positive and no abnormal cells. I’ve been left with constant mild ache type pain in my lower abdomen though so wondering if it could mean VAIN? The pain has eased a lot 13 weeks now after smear,) but it’s always present. Does anyone with VAIN experience this please?

Hi @Goodhealth

Vaginal cancer is much rarer than CC, only 250 women a year are diagnosed with it with most of them having had a hysterectomy for recurring CIN cells

VAIN is most often picked up during a cervical screening often still referred too as “x grade dyskaryosis” with the colposcopy then identifying them as VAIN instead of CIN… with no abnormalities being detected on your smear, it doesnt point towards any kind of precancerous lesions being present or that it could be the reason why you are experiencing what you are experiencing as precancerous lesions nomatter where they have formed dont have any symptoms

Have you spoken to your doctor about your fears and what you are experiencing? Xx

Thanks so much. I have asked for an appt. I don’t know anyone who’s experienced this. But plenty info saying that a cramping pain is associated with vaginal etc cancers x

Also, sorry to disagree, but info I’m reading states this cancer isn’t checked for on a smear,only cervical. It’s picked up on colposcopy only. I hope you’re correct xx

No that is correct they arnt checking for that type of cancer, they are checking for cervical abnormalities but they do pick up the other cell changes if they are there… pain is associated with vaginal cancer, but if you had vaginal cancer when the nurse did your smear they would see a tumor without the need for a colposcopy and the smear would have picked up that abnormalities were present… colposcopies do diagnose them, but smears most often pick them up in order for us to need that colposcopy as not everyone who has VAIN has a CIN

Macmillan states:

"Symptoms of VAIN

VAIN does not cause any symptoms. It is most often found after having a cervical smear test. Or sometimes it may be found during tests for other reasons."


Hi all,

I just wanted to share my experience as I’ve struggled to find anything that helpful about VAIN / Vaginal cancer. It’s not to say everyone will be the same but I guess it’s worth sharing

I’ve just been diagnosed with vaginal cancer after 10 years of CIN 3 and then VAIN 3.

After many treatments for CIN3 I had a hysterectomy. It did keep things in check for a while but I still had vault smears (in colposcopy) every 6 months as I was still high risk and testing for abnormal cells. Roll on 8 years on I was still having various treatments (imiquimod and more recently Cidofovir) and my smears we’re still abnormal plus I have been wearing pads for the last two years as I was/ still am having watery discharge.

About 6 months ago I started getting sciatic pain in my inner bum cheek and right leg, making it really uncomfortable to sit. 4 GP visits and the verdict was it was unlikely to be liked to VAIN so referred me for physio. In the meantime in my latest examination, my consultant finds a lump and suspects cancer. Two scans in the last few weeks confirm it’s vaginal cancer.

So in my case, the tumor is located above my vaginal vault e.g the scar tissue from my hysterectomy. It’s not visible by colp, but the persisting lesion is. It was an internal examination that presented the lump.

My only regret is not getting it looked at sooner by my consultant. I think I was hoping it was just linked to back pain as that’s what everyone was telling me.

In December I was also getting really bad stomach pains and feeling aick. I was given antibiotics - but I’ve no idea if it was linked or not as I’ve been taking pain killers ever since.

My advice is if you’re worried about anything, just run it past your hospital team as we don’t all get the ‘standard’ symptoms and even if it’s just peace of mind.