VAIN check-up

Well, had my check-up. Doctor seen an abnormal looking area but he wasn't sure if it was just scar tissue from previous op. So took more biopsies... If the VAIN has returned then I'll be referred to a specialist unit and take it from there. They might apply a chemical to see if they can get rid of it that way... Otherwise I'm not really sure what they'll do. CIN was so much easier to deal with than this VAIN rascal :( 


Vain does seem trickier to deal with than CIN. It's so rare that there are no definitive treatment plans. It's all seems to be a bit hit and miss. I've read copius amounts of research on it and no one treatment option seems to be preferred.

I'm guessing the cream they are talking about is Aldara (iquimoid) cream. It was mentioned to me but it can be very irritating and seems to work best for milder grade lesions. 

What treatment did you have last time?

As you know I've had a wide local excision and am now going to have a partial vaginectomy. This is because my Vain is high grade and multi focal, I have about 5 differerent areas of it. 

Good luck with your results and ask away if you can think of anymore questions.


Hi 365, I feel we're the only VAIN girls on here?!

Yeah there's immiquimod, but also cidofovir and 5FU. I guess I'll find out what options I have if the pathology comes back as VAIN again. In July it was high grade VAIN3...

i did mention a partial vaginectomy but he said that wouldn't be considered at such a young age unless it was cancer. (I'm 33) 

but if it keeps coming back I'd rather go for that to prevent it developing into anything more sinister. There really isn't much info out there is there? I don't like that there's no definitive treatment plan and even my consultant wasn't clued up.

You do know what anecdotally the FU stands for.......It's supposed to be awful stuff. There is a fb group for VIN VAIN ladies but even there most are VIN. 

Yeah I've read it's not pleasant. It's crap having this. At least with CIN there's a clear treatment plan, I hate thinking the VAIN is just there, lurking! 

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