VAIN back

Hi folks,
Not many VAIN ladies out there but just thought I’d post with my update. Was treated for VAIN3 3 months ago, got results today to say the treatment hasn’t worked.
I’m being referred to a specialist unit in Edinburgh to discuss the next step. Possibly topical 5FU but I’ve read horrific things about this so really not sure. So sick of it now to be honest

So, so sorry to read your update Nemo.  I really hope you can get treated successfully and that it isnt as horrific as you've read. I'm not a VAIN lady but can understand why you are so sick of it.  Hang in there.

Big hugs.


Sorry to hear this. Remember there are other options available to you not just the cream. 

Did they tell you what number you are?

I'm totally sick of it too as you know. 

I'll wait to hear with interest how you get on in Edinburgh.

Thanks ladies. Feel bad moaning when there are so many worse off than me. 365 it's VAIN3. my smear was clear tho! For the first time in 12 years. What other treatments do you know of? I plan to go to the specialist unit armed with knowledge. My cons said vaginectomy, even partial, wouldn't be considered at all due to no cervical malignancy history and my age, and was confident the VAIN could be monitored and managed. this 5FU sounds awful though. Burnt tissue is not something I fancy! Oh 365, why us?! :(

Other possible treatments are laser and wide local excision (this is not vaginectomy...more of a skinning exercice!) 

I've saved some links to reports and books on VAIN on my blog that I've found on the internet.

What treatment did you have last time?