VAIN at colp but results are different

I will post this under the VAIN thread that is already active but wanted to put it in its own thread too if that’s ok.

I was seen at colposcopy 2 weeks ago. Gyne said she could see VAIN that looked high grade but nothing showed on my cervix. She biopsied my vagina and cervix. We briefly touched on VAIN treatment but agreed we need the biopsy results to full know what to do.

The gyne who performed my colp called me today saying I have CIN1 on my cervix (I had CIN2 about 5 years ago treated successfully with LLETZ) and the VAIN is actually just diffuse HPV and she thinks she got it all with the biopsy anyway.

I was a little overwhelmed during the call so just accepted this and her offer to LLETZ the CIN1.

Now I’m wondering what exactly diffuse HPV is as does it look like VAIN?

Any info would be great