Hi ladies, I’ve been in this site for nearly a year and I’m more of a watcher and rarely post. This site has been so valuable to me.
Has anyone here had recent experience of VAIN 3? I’ve always had issues with reoccurring CIN 3 and had a hysterectomy last year due to it but now after my vault smear, VAIN 3 has been picked up. I’ve looked through sites and kinda got an idea about it but it would be nice if there was anyone else out there going through the same as me. Thanks in advance you beautiful ladies xxx

Hey Julie,

I know your post is a month old... but just wanted to jump on the VAIN train with you (well not wanted to but u get what i mean)... I just got a VAIN 1 thrown into the mix after 3 years of CIN 1 looming over me... I shouldnt complain because its just graded as 1 but the lack of info on VAIN is just making me crazy stressed! I didnt even know the doc had biopsied my freaking vagina so im feeling especially violated right now!

Hugs and good wishes


Hi Alex, :) I'm now having treatment and hope it will help resolve  it (I've  heard its pretty tricky to treat).  VAIN 1 is hopefully a watching exercise in case it's gets staged higher so fingers crossed itl`ll be ok for you and ur body will naturally clear it.   It is a bit of a bummer to get VAIN (it's bad enough to have an issue with ur cervix but OMG when they start looking at your virgina, it's a different story! 

I hope ur doing ok and all is ok with ur foof xx

Hey ladies, I've also been given the VAIN 3 news which is pretty rubbish and I wanted to check in to see how you're both getting on?

When the initially told me back in April I thought they said VIN and then I've had another biopsy to confirm VAIN, either way it feels like it's kick started all the worry all over again.

I'm due laser treatment on a patch that seems to be causing me light bleeding which they thought was granulation. So I'm hoping this sorts things but its seems impossible to tell. I feel so unlucky at times.

Hope you're ok