VAIN 2 after CC

Attended colposcopy recently for a vault smear, an area was immediately seen to the naked eye, thankfully after the dye was applied it was only one area affected. A couple of biopsies were taken and today I have recieved the results, I have VAIN2 and a mdm is being held next month regarding my management plan, I am taking comfort with the time scale as they can’t be to concerned or could they … I’m back in that horrible place again, been in limbo waiting for the results now I do have them I’m imagining allsorts, as you do, can’t believe I’m doing this again after 11 years clear of cancer thought my worry days were over lol
Just needed to vent a little xxx
Much love to everyone facing their own battles xxx

So sorry to read this. Hope everything works out well for you.

Be lucky :-)