Vague letter

Good evening,
I recently had a smear which resulted in high risk HPV with high grade dyskaryosis, so had a loop biopsy 5 weeks ago. At the time the Dr said she couldn’t see any abnormal cells which was a relief.
Today I’ve received a blunt, confusing and extremely worrying letter saying they have some provisional results and the biopsy showed CIN3. The results need to be finalised and they will discuss them and a management plan at their next team meeting next week. What on earth does that mean? Clearly not good news. Has anyone else received a similar letter? I’m going out of my mind with worry. My daughter had me ring the hospital but no one was available and will ring me back. I wish I hadn’t received the letter as it doesn’t tell me anything just gives me another week of worry.

These letters are extremely worrying, particularly if they don’t explain what the results mean. The important thing is that CIN3 is still not cancer, but it is the stage before. The team meeting is a medical team which is involved in all decisions about treatment following biopsies at the consultation level when it isn’t cancer. So this is not abnormal. It’s a strategy that means you get more than one opinion on the right course of treatment, not just one person’s. It to give quality of care when it comes to decision making, and this is good. You will know that whatever the recommendation is it’s one that’s been well considered with the unique features of your case (whatever they are) taken into account.

If there were ‘clear margins’ in the loop biopsy it would suggest they have cleanly removed all the abnormal cells, and they’re likely to be considering how to monitor you best. If there were ‘no clear margins’ it’s a different matter, because the abnormal cells may have spread further than the area removed, and that will need further treatment.

However it sounds like the haven’t given you that sort of information, so I’m afraid you’re just going to have to wait until they have decided a management plan - how to manage your case in order to protect you best. So all good for now. You have had CIN3; this must be treated (which they’ve done) but they will need to keep a close eye on you. Waiting is something we all have to get used to, I’m afraid, but they will get back to you and in the meantime, try not to panic. No-one is saying ‘cancer’ at this point. X


Thank you so much for your reply, I wish the letter explained as well as you have xx