Vague letter after 2nd biopsy

Hey everybody

i was wondering if anybody has had a letter like this from colposcopy before 


I had my first smear in sepfember .. It came back high grade so I had a colposcopy done and they downgraded it to CIN1 and said they would monitor me 

iv been 3 weeks ago for another 6 month colposcopy exam and they took another biopsy ... I assumed from what she told me that I would get a similar letter telling me the grading and what happens next...


today in the post I have received a letter which is extremely vague and is scaring the life out of me because this is all it says ...

Further to your appointment we have made another appointment for you on 1st may to discuss your future management of treatment "

It's so vague , it's a month from now, it doesn't tell me what they are treating they surely can't make me wait a month

it doesn't say the grading or anything 


I called the hospital and the receptionist wouldn't tell me anything nor would let me speak to the colposcopist

i am going out of my mind

i also get these weird dull nagging pains in my abdomen like something is pulling 


it's really stressing me out why don't they tell you anything 


has as anybody had that letter before and knows what it means 

Hi, i havent had a letter like this before but i can completely understand why you would be going out of your mind.

maybe it would be worth contacting your gp as hospitals usually also send them a letter with results? not sure if it will help but id definately say its worth a try.

goodluck and i hope your ok


Hello hunny, sorry to hear you arnt being told enough. I think that by the sounds of ur previous results they possibly want to discuss it with you as your smear shows high grade dykaryosis yet your first biopsy was only CIN 1, then your 2nd biopsy may have shown CIN 1 again. This would mean that it doesn't seem to be clearing itself up so maybe they want to discuss if to do the treatment or not (lletz). Il only guessing but if youe biopsy had of shown CIN 2 or 3 then Im sure they would have wrote to you with the appointment for the lletz rather than a meeting. Also I think it's a good sign that it is in a month in one way as if your biopsy had shown anything sinister they would have you in the same week. I think that they will offer you the choice of the lletz treatment to get rid of the abnormal cells, or maybe to check again in 6 months yet that means you will have to wait another 6 months which is a nightmare. If you need to be sure Then maybe book an appointment with your gp as the hospital writes to them too and maybe they will have the lab report with a grade on there for you. Hope you are ok, head up xxx

Hi pet I feel for you, it's the vague information or lack of it that does your head in. I had colopscopy and biopsy 5 weeks ago, was told I had a closed cervix and they might not have got enough cells so might have to go back for a loop biopsy. Said would get results back in 4weeks. 2weeks later got a letter from hospital was bricking it b4 I opened it thinking this is to early for a result, low and behold it was just a copy letter that they had sent to gp.  still waiting 4 my results back.  not sure if no news is good news.  think the postman thinks I've got the hots 4 him coz I'm at the door b4post is though the letter box lol x

I don't see why they shouldn't tell you, it's your body for God's sake!  Really annoys me.  Anyway, you'll drive yourself crazy wondering.  Either keep bugging them and stress how concerned you are, or have a word with your Dr, they might know.  I hope you find something out soon x