Vague Appointment letter after biopsy - very worried

Hi all

I'm new but have been lurking as a non member for a few months, since my abnormal smear results came back.

I wondered if anyone had a similar experience to me as I am going out of my mind with worry.

I had a colposcopy and biopsy about 5 weeks ago and recieved a letter yesterday that stated nothing except that I was to attend an appointment at the Gyno/Oncology unit next Thursday and that I was welcome to bring a friend or relative.

Obviously this has set me off worrying, a lot. If it was the all clear I can't help thinking the letter would have said that.

Has anyone else received a letter like this? My gut feeling is really not a good one.

Thanks in advance for your replies

Natalie x




Hi Natalie 

after i had my biopsy my letter stated that i had CIN3 and had to attend for treatment, if it dosent say on the letter try not to worry x 

Thanks, it was such a strange letter. You can't help thinking 'sh*t its bad news and they want to tell me to my face'

Everywhere I've looked seems to confirm those thoughts. It's going to be a long week.

Hope you are ok x

Hi Natalie

I cant really help as I am waiting on my results.......but what I will say after reading lots of posts on here is that ladies who have had 'bad news' tend to be called by telephone and not sent a letter...... I expect they want to discuss treatment options with you, most likley Lletz.

I hope all is well and good luck with your appointment

Jac x

Hi Jac

Yes I'm hoping it at worst it might just be that the biopsy showed they cells were covering a bigger area and I need the lletz again. (I had lletz at the same time as a biopsy so this couls be s possibility) But it's so easy to speculate and think the worst isn't it.

Thanks for your wishes and fingers crossed for your results too xx