vaginismus/ autism


I have a form of autism that does not affect my IQ. It also means I am oversensitive to pain.

Whenever I have tried having a smear test I have had severe bouts of vaginismus.

This means I have only had them succesfully twice, when unconscious having laparoscopies.

For the last 2 years I have had a vile discharge and so had a  laparoscopy and smear test 2 months ago.

The smear test revealed high grade diskariosis. Last week I went for a colposcopy, but had violent vaginismus spasms.

The nurse told me that I will be called for day surgery with a general anaesthetic, which will include a colposcopy and then either a biopsy, LLETZ or cone biopsy.

 Now it is all up in the air when I will actually have this procedure. I will be seeing the gynaecologist who did the laparoscopy and smear later in the month, for a post laparoscopy consultation..

Hi Paul

all I can say as I was informed the percentage of women who were High Grade that went on to develop Cervcial Cancer was exceedingly low, my friends who were high grade went on to have Lletz treatment and also had healthy pregnancies & births to follow! 

Had a colposcopy and Lletz last month


All abnormal cells removed. Should have smear in z6 months time but still have major vaginismus problem.