Vaginal wall colposcopy


Not sure if my situation is any similar to yours atal but I attended a colposcopy last week due to an abnormal smear test. They found that the abnormal cells from my cervix had spread onto my vaginal walls by around 2cm. Im guessing this was investigated at the same time as my cervix. I had the same solution applied to my walls as my cervix and also had biopsies taken from my vaginal walls aswel as cervix. She did say at the time I would need referring to a specialist hospital where i would need an operation under GA as was too extensive for her to deal with. I'm still awaiting my results so can't give any advice on what my abnormal cells are or what treatment I need to sort it out but I know it will definitely be a GA. 

Hope this helps some and you get sorted soon. 



Iv tried to find info on anything to do with the vaginal walls aswel but can't find much! Hopefully we will both have answers very soon.