Vaginal wall biopsy

Hi everyone.

ive had a 10 yr history of CIN 1-2 , laser treatment etc. However my last colposcopy last week was sooo painful. The doctor couldn't see anything abnormal on the cervix so done 2 biopsies of the vaginal wall- I'm awaiting results. I've also noticed slight bleeding from vagina after a bowel movement?? I'm so worried. Can anyone shed any light on what could be wrong? Could this be vaginal cancer and it hasn't been picked up as they've been looking at the wrong place?

Hi. Vaginal wall biopsies !! Ouch!!

my story is a little different as I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. On my 9 month check up my nurse spotted something during colposcopy, biopsied it there and then. (Really hurt!)Results showed VAIN 2/3. VA IN being the vaginal equivalent of CIN. I ended up having minor surgery last October and have had all clear since. It's pretty rare but vaginal cancer is even rarer! Feel free to pm me with any questions. And good luck with the biopsy results. X/p>