Vaginal moist post rad treatment


My name is Ariel age 23 and from the Philippines and my wife(age 24) was diagnose on sept 11(yikes bad date) with cervical CC stage 2b w/ 1.5cm internal illiac lymph node after 1 year 6 months from delivering our little boy.

We finished chemo 6x rad 28x and brachy 4x on the last week of october. Our question is that since we’ve done the radiotheraphy the vagina is supposed to be dry but my wife’s vagina is still moists rather than being dry. We just want to ask you girls from your experiences that is it normal?

Our CT scan is still on december 11 followed by our onco’s followup.

Jo’s forums has helped us(me especially) tremendously since my wife’s diagnosis.

Thanks to all you lovely ladies


Hi Ariel :-)

It's so good to hear how much this forum has helped you and your wife. I think you should both count yourselves as lucky if your wife's vagina has remained moist, though I suppose it's possible that it could dry in the next few weeks or months. Good luck with the scan in December!

Be lucky :-)

Hi Tivoli

sorry for the really late reply

thank you for the reply! And as you said she's started drying up down there. Was worried that her cervics is still working down below and thought the radiation didnt actually work out well. 

Hoping and praying for the best on the follow-up scan! 

and did i mention that you're a lifesaver in thid forum! :)