Vaginal Hysterectomy

Hi all,

I’m hoping someone can answer my question.
I have had two lletz procedures done following a diagnosis of a1a after the first one.
Both under a ga.
Long story short I now have to have a hysterectomy, doc has advised laparoscopic but i requested vaginal and have been told that’s not possible.
Can anyone tell me of any reason why I wouldn’t be able to have a vaginal hysterectomy instead?
Has this happened to anyone else?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

M xx


Firstly Im sorry to hear your diagnosis. I had my laproscopic hysterectomy on Tuesday and recovery is good so far. Can I ask why you have asked for the vaginal. Vaginal can cause more risks and also give you a longer recovery time. Go for the lap of possible. X


I don’t know what the medical reasons for not being able to perform a vaginal hysterectomy however I suspect it will be something to do with malignancy.

I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy 7 weeks ago for stage 1A adenocarcinoma and my recovery has been good.



Are you having a radical hysterectomy? I dont think they can perform a radical hysterectomy vaginally because they remove more tissue than a normal hysterectomy and I think they possibly stitch the top of the vagina from inside? - so maybe need access from that side.

That's my understanding anyway, but I may be wrong.


I'm 7 months on from laparoscopic hysterectomy and im fit and healthy if that's any consolation.


I asked about the vaginal hysterectomy and the doctor said he can't see anything with that procedure, it is more difficult for this reason. I was very happy with the laparoscopic the recovery is so fast, I was walking up and down my street the next day to stretch my legs. I felt almost 100% well on day three. I had my surgery 6 days ago, I feel great. I am glad I trusted my doctor, he is great.

Hi :-)

I'm no expert on this but I would imagine that vaginal hysterectomies are performed only in cases which do not involve cancer. I suspect it is incredibly difficult for the surgeon to see what is going on and what needs to be removed.

Be lucky :-)

Hi all, 

Thank you so much for all your replies.

Update is I had an abdominal and pelvic MRI with dye and the result was clear. No a1a was found in my second loop tissue sample.

I was offered the option of a total laporoscopic hysterectomy or a follow up smear. I went to discuss this with my consultant and explained that I needed a break; I have had a tough few years, and he was happy to book me in for a smear/colposcopy which I will have on Tuesday.

I asked him about the vaginal hyst and I can't have it done that way as I havent had any children so there is no prolapse.

So the upshot is, its coloposcopy time on tuesday yay (said no woman ever), I know I will still be in the CIN3 zone so I know the hyst is coming.

I'm terrified tbh. I have asked to keep my ovaries as I dont want the menopause quite yet although I am 46.

Can I ask fellow lap hyst ladies... stitches or staples.. this is really bothering me!! stupid I know.

Thank you again for your replies. It means so much.

Love to you all





I'm I had 4 small incisions, 2 on my left side, 1 on my right and 1 in my belly button. These had internal stitches, so nothing really visible. I'm just over 6 months post op and they are disappearing rapidly!



I had stitches. I had 6 incisions (dont know why they did so many!) and they are tiny. You wouldnt notice them unless I pointed them out to you and then you'd have to look really hard to see them. I'm sad as I was hoping for something a bit more dramatic to show for my ordeal, haha. My stomach is back to how it was before, and i can wear a bikini.



Hi there, 

Thank you for your replies. So reassuring and helpful.

I am currently waiting for my smear results again.

Wish I'd just had the bloody thing done last year now.

The clear MRI and the option of a follow up smear was the better option for me at the time but now I wish I'd just had it done.


Thank you again for replying.

Lots of love to you all