vaginal dilators - trying the biggest size


Hi everyone. I am a year and a half post treatment, and I am unable as yet to insert the largest size of vaginal dilator. Does anyone eles have this problem? I am concerned that I might never be able to do this one.


Thanks a million.


Hi Cristine

my oncologist said very few women get to the largest size-the size below is fine(i did ask him specifically)

because omg its huge!!!

hope that helps

Diane x

Oh, I have tears reading your reply, Diane. I have been worried about this from the beginning, and I avoided using them for the longest time. I thought perhaps I had shot myself in the foot.


Bless you,




Hi Christine! 

I'm 9 months post treatment and i'm still only on the second size. My oncology nurse said a lot of ladies only get to the second or third sizes (which i'm not suprised about because as Mousehouse said about the fourth above...ITS HUGE!!) 

Hope things are going ok with the plastic russian dolls! They really aren't the most appealing things are they!


I am a yr post treatment number 3 is difficult to use my oncologist also told me  now to worry  x

I'm nearly two and a half years post treatment and have actually been told I don't need to use it anymore. 


You are amazing! I could never get passed second size and since january struggled with first size. But since March have not been able to use any. I developed a large fistula between my bowel and vagina and they gave me an ileostomy to divert the bowel. Now it is too painful and fragile to use any dilators. But not much I can do as a repair is at least another year  away.  Xx

This forum is a god-send! Thank you all for your replies. I am absolutely determined to do the big one, and this morning, I was able to insert it and inch and a half, so I am hopeful. Laughing Phileepa, that is fantastic!

Bexter, bless you. I hope you have a full and easy recovery! xo

xo, Christine

CoolFeeling great this morning... I was putting my dialators awaya nd got thinking that they would make a great percussion instrument in a band. We should get together and play them! Sily always makes me feel better.


Much love and happiness to all,


Hi Christine. 

I was wondering about your dilator journey. Did you manage to find comfort using the biggest one?