Vaginal Cancer

Hi ladies.

Sorry to post on here as I know it’s a cervical cancer group… But there really isn’t any vaginal cancer support out there.
I had an area of VAIN3 removed on 1/2/17, just had results today and they confirmed 3 areas of microscopic cancer cells. While I realise it’s not an actual tumour they’ve found, I’m still really upset and shocked. They’ve said I’ll b kept a very close eye on but no mention of any scans. Which I’m very uneasy about. The vagina has a huge blood supply, what if these microscopic cells have travelled?? They don’t know that it hasn’t?
Don’t know what to do. I met my CNS, who I know through work so it’s a bit awkward.
Anyone been in this boat?

Sent you a pm. X

I can't offer any useful information as I haven't experienced this, but I just wanted to say that it's completely understandable to be worried, it must all be very stressful. Sending you lots of positive energy and I hope you get the help you need. One thing I would suggest is seeing if you can have a different CNS...I'm sure she is great but if it is awkward then you won't feel you can open up and ask the questions you really need too!

I see you have been contacted already by 365days - our resident expert in this rather more rare disease. You're in the best hands now :-)

Be lucky :-)

So true Tivoli! 365 has been a great help. Thanks ladies for commenting x