vaginal bleeding

Hi, I'm new to this site and not sure if I'm posting correctly. I'm generally concerned about my health and was hoping for some advice. I was diagnosed with cin 3 when I was 26 ( I'm now 33) which was removed via leep. I had no problems following the treatment up until a year ago. I started with slight spotting and bleeding after sex. I was refared back to gynecology. In Aug 2013 i was told i had an encryption (not sure if spelt correctly) I had ultrasounds swabs and smear which all came back normal. I had cryosurgery to remove the lesion on my cervix in sept 2013. It was brilliant i didn't bleed for six weeks, but sure enough the bleeding started again only worse. I maybe have 6-8 days a month where I don't bleed. When I say bleed it's either blood, brown or pink discharge. I also get back ache, leg ache and cramps. I was then refared to see a womans sexual health specialist. She told me it was just one of those things that happen to women sometimes..... which I found hard to believe as my cycle is usually like clock work. She put me on and estrogen only pill which I take TWICE daily. I have been taking it for 2 months and still bleeding. I'm so worried that something has been missed and in need of advice or reassurance. Thanks for reading xxx

Hi, I'm having a similar experience. I've always had clear smears but have this feeling something u being missed. Like you I have seen so many Gyne consultants now and they all day other spotting is down to an ectropion. I too had an ultrasound which was clear. I don't have a big issue with bleedIng. It's the pain in my back and legs which concerns me the most. Somehow I just don't trust what the drs say even though they are the experts. Maybe their right and all of the problems we are having are down to the area of ectropion. I have managed to persuade them to book me in for a colposcopy just to make sure nothing is wrong. Also I would be reassured that you smear in aug was clear, that's a good thing. The drs told the that these paps are super sensitive so would definatly pick up any abnormalities. Xxx



Thanks for the reply, I hope you find a solution to your problems.  Yes I understand how the pain would concern you, it concerns me also but I normally have 4 day periods and in dec I had a 16 day period which was alot heavier than normal. I havnt had a period lasting as long since starting the pill but the bleeding is still the main issue for me as I feel like my body is warning me something is wrong. I dont like going to see my gp anymore as I feel like im act like a hypochondriac.  Xx

Hi I just wanted to say that if you feel in yourself that alls not right then I would insist on further investigation. You are by no means a hypochondriac you are just concerned about your health. Speaking from experience I wish I had pushed for further investigation. I wish you ladies well.

Lea xx

Hi just wanted to share with you as my experience sounds similar. First smear 25 -cin3 / leep to remove large portion from cervix / normal smears since and no bleeding/spotting til last year (2 years after leep) then same as you I get 10 days max A month where I don't spot or bleed and they say i have ectropion too ( had this 'fixed' last week with cryosurgery liquid nitrogen) no bleeding so far but I'm waiting...I notice the spotting between periods mostly when straining (tmi) for a bowel movement. I have had all hormone and thyroid levels checked and all ok. I sometimes 3-4times a month get night sweats, do any of you get these? My appointment was with gynae not colposcopy, they did an ultrasound, swabs (which I don't know if these were checked there and then) internal exam and then the cryosurgery. She couldn't see anything of concern but the thing I've noticed in the last month is I've lost over 3/4 of a stone an now weigh 8st (never been big and my eating has not changed but  I'm normally always 9st I'm 5'5). I also have to pee A LOT. definitely Not pregnant my period is like clockwork and they have tested me about 10 times including last week. They can't think of anything else to check so i really hope the bleeding doesn't come back! 

hey guys

I'm in a very similar postion too.  I had Lletz and then cone biopsy in early 2012 and irregular bleeding/spotting throughout the month ever since (tmi - post sex, exercise, toilet).  I had granulation tissue on the wound to begin with, many silver nitrate treatments and although all looks normal, it hasnt stopped.  just had my 4th post surgery smear (now really painful).  Doc admitted the bleeding and pain isnt normal.  did smear, colposcopy and swabs...booked in for a scan soon and possible antibiotics if they think there is a long standing infection high up somewhere (apparently rare).  so now waiting for results. they also suggested it could be sensitive scar tissue.

i have aways had heavy periods but mine are now awful, average 12 days.  Plus I get constant back pain which I though was unconnected except it seems to be a pattern with you guys too....really interested to see if anyone finds a solution!!!Best wishes