Using toilet at night

Im 12 weeks post treatment n still up 2 to 3 times  a night  to the loo n i still have  a nephostomy  taking  some of urine  away so cud b more  without  that  is  this  normal  x 

Hi Helpme. I have similar trouble, althouth at 6 months post treatment I now have more good nights than bad (a good night being  getting up just once). It has gradually settled down. My consultant suggested it's more hormonal, with a bit of added treatment 'disturbance' thrown in. Apparently the hormone that lets us hold in urine at night, and not wake up if our bladders start to fill, stops or becomes less at menapause. Interestingly, my sister has recently had a natural menapause and has the same issue - getting up 3 times a night. I had chemorads and brachy, so have been catapulted into menopause, are you the same - sorry, I've forgotten what treatment you had? I didnt have a nephostomy though, so I'm not sure how that works - can you run it past your nurse to put your mind at rest? I hope it improves for you, disturbed nights are not fun!

Anne x

I had  chemo rads n brachy  2 im gonna  ask  my consultant when i see her im only 28 so hope it not early menopause 

Helpme, I'm pretty sure that the radiotherapy to your pelvis would've sent you into menopause. 

I'm up more in the night now cos I'm drinking more.

Pelvic  radiation  n chemo can both trigger early  menopause  as they  can  damage your ovaries